All Are Welcome to Our Training Class

All Are Welcome to Our Training Class

Knowledge is Powerful

You are more than your challenges, stronger than your set-backs and capable of living a life of purpose. Learn how to hone in on this empowerment by taking a training class from Speaking Up for Change. Michelle will come to your facility and lead a presentation focused on providing knowledge and awareness on strategies that are designed to tackle tough subjects such as judgment, isolation, stigma and addiction.

We take great pride in confidentiality. You're in a safe space with us. If you're ready to embody your true resiliency, visit our Contact page now to send us an email.

Break the stigma within yourself

Mental health and addiction are like a toxic marriage between biological and social factors. There are so many factors that contribute to psychological challenges. Our class will help you deeply understand the personal obstacles that those who deal with these illnesses can go though and how you can effectively help them overcome it. We'll discuss important topics such as:

  • How to help those who suffer from mental illness or addiction
  • How to be understand what those who are mentally ill are going through daily
  • How to deal with judgment
  • How to break your inner stigma
  • Fix Lack of insight

Our goal is to change the narrative of mental health and addiction with the hope to reaching a state of understanding.

Michelle, founder of Speaking Up for Change, is a psych certified RN with a masters degree in clinical mental health counseling has a deep passion for mental health and recovery. Read about her unique journey by visiting the My Story page.